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Messaging Redesign

We are excited to share that Digital Fleet has completely redesigned our messaging interface. This redesign updates the overall layout of the page for easier viewing of conversations between dispatch and truck drivers, adds the ability to message all trucks currently on an order from the map and messaging page, introduces user-specific canned messages, and adds a header notification for unread messages.

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Version 7.1 - Driver / Tablet Application

We are very excited to release our newest Driver / Tablet Application version. Version 7.1 brings key improvements to the messaging interface, DVIR, and communication architecture.

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Updated Map Filters

Digital Fleet changed how the map filters behave in order to make them more consistent and more reliable. Now, when no filters are selected, you see everything that your user is configured to see. This is why the "All Trucks", "All Points", and "All Plants" options were removed, as unselecting all of your truck filters now have the same function that "All Trucks" used to provide.

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Default Status Names Update

As part of the update to the Digital Fleet statusing engine we did over the winter, we separated the status names from the event names that trigger these statuses. This allows us to provide more easily understood language in the webapp without losing the fine details of what triggered the status.

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Map Hover States and Slideouts Enhancement

We are excited to share that Digital Fleet is updating the map hover states and slideouts to improve usability and give the web application a more modern look.

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DVIR Redesign

We are excited to share that Digital Fleet has redesigned the DVIR page of the webapp. This update focused on improving the experience of the DVIR page on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices along with adding the ability to prioritize the individual defects.

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