Say Hello to a Better Way of Communicating

Our messaging system is the most effective on the market for the Ready Mix Concrete & Construction Materials industry. We made it easier than ever to communicate with your entire fleet.

Messaging Features Include: 

Fleet Group Messages  

Order Messages to all Trucks on Ticket 

Send Messages from Map View 

Canned Pre-Written Messages 

Notifications for Unread Messages
Speech to Text
Priority Messages
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Messaging Page: The messaging page can be accessed through the Messaging option from the left hand navigation list. All trucks and orders are listed in channels on the left side of the page with the ability to only show conversations with unread messages in them.


Unread Truck to Dispatch Channel: All unread inbound messages from a truck will be shown in this channel for easy review and marking as read. The unread message identifiers are shared between all web users to allow for a group to work together.

Messages can be individually marked as read manually or the system will automatically mark messages read when a reply message for the truck is sent. Performing either action will mark the message as read for all users. 


Order Messaging: All orders with activity in the past ten hours are listed in the ORDERS section. Sending a message to an order will send the message to all trucks currently on the order. The order channels also list all messages from a truck as it is actively ticketed on the order.


Pinning a Conversation: To help individual users focus on a small subset of trucks and/or orders, all truck and order channels can be pinned to the top of the list.


Sending Fleet and Group Messages: A fleet wide broadcast message or messages to all trucks in a tag group can be sent using the channels listed under the GROUPS section.

More details on setting up tags can be found here. If you have any questions on setting up tags please contact us at


Viewing Truck to Truck Messages: Truck to truck messages can be viewed or hidden by using the “see truck to truck messages” toggle.


Header Notifications: To give you visibility, and the ability to reply from every page in the webapp, we’ve added message notifications to the webapp header to display all currently unread messages.


Order Messaging from Map: Along with order messaging within the Messaging page, we’ve added the ability to message orders from the map.



Priority Messages: Users also have the ability to define a dispatch to truck message as a priority message. Normal messages are displayed to drivers when the vehicle has stopped while priority messages are displayed immediately regardless of moving status. These should only be used for messages requiring immediate review. Sent priority messages are identified in the conversation list for easy identification.



Canned Messages: Each user can create their own canned messages for quicker replies.

If you have any questions or concerns about these features contact: 

If you want to learn more or see a demo please contact: 

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