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Digital Fleet+ is the most intelligent hardware in ready mix. It directly monitors Chassis/Engine Data, Water Flow, Slump, and Drum Speed & Direction in order to identify and eliminate waste and variability in a ready-mix operation. Digital Fleet+ integrates seamlessly into our cloud-based telematics platform.

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 Digital Fleet+ is designed to connect 3rd party systems, truck sensors and grow beyond the current sensor offering.  Once the Digital Fleet+ hardware’s data is flowing, feature enhancements and product improvements happen to the web-based backend without needing to touch the hardware on the truck.



Digital Fleet+ is connected to the truck and cloud which stores and processes all of your truck data all on our innovative tracking platform. Information, such as water additions gets tied to the ticket and integrates directly into your operation.  Drill deep into your operations by connecting drivers, dispatchers, and trucks all together on one platform. 



Digital Fleet+ system automates operational processes and provides a new level of detail about how your trucks are being utilized. Identify waste and reduce variability at the yard or onsite with every load. The system will continue to get more intelligent as new systems are integrated onto the platform.





CHASSIS / ENGINE -  Keep your factory on wheels operating at peak efficiency by monitoring chassis and engine data. Monitor fuel usage, mileage, engine hours, set up alerts, capture fault codes, and more to understand exactly how your truck is being used. Gather critical truck data while letting the driver focus on getting the job done.



DRUM -  Monitor your drum status, speed, and direction with our Drum feature. The system knows the difference between agitation and mixing revolutions on a load. This helps reduce unnecessary wear on your equipment and improves the quality of your mix. Automate the begin and end pour status transitions and eliminate the need for manual intervention from the driver.



WATER -  Contractor blaming you for quality issues? Automatically detect and store whenever water is added to a load. Keep track of the water going into the drum and assign it to the ticket. Quality Control personnel can see a full history of the water that was added manually to the ticketed load and additionally over the lifetime of the truck.



SLUMP -  Eliminate the need for a mechanical slump gauge with the smart connected slump meter. Monitor the charge pressure, customize slump tables and feed the data back into Digital Fleet. It’s designed to work directly into your operations. Store the information that drivers are using to make critical on job decisions when adjusting slump.



DISPLAY  - The DF+ Display is an extension to the Digital Fleet+ Hardware platform. It is a simple way to inform your drivers about slump, water, and drum speed while pouring from the back of the truck. This digital display is tough enough to handle the jobsite and is designed to provide better visibility into the mixer. The DF+ Display is an innovative way to give your drivers the information they need to get the job done.





EASY TO INSTALL -  Digital Fleet+ is backwards compatible with our current tracking platform. The hardware installation is quick and we can even utilize some existing truck sensors/systems. Our Digital Fleet+ installer app, for Android devices, makes connecting hardware to the cloud insanely easy. Get your entire fleet up and running in days not weeks with our flexible platform.

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