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Ready Mix Concrete & Construction Materials 

Fleet Data Technology to Optimize Performance

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The Digital Fleet Difference 

Digital Fleet, LLC. is a fleet management software company for the construction industry. Focusing specifically on Ready Mix & Construction Materials, we pride ourselves in providing technical solutions and excellent customer support. 

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Reach Your Goals

Streamline Your Fleet Operations.

Easy workflow management

Advanced real-time tracking and messaging

Automates data 

Maximize profitability

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"Digital Fleet makes an effort to understand the problem and move forward, quickly creating solutions fitting our operations instead of the other way around. Unlike competitors, their highly responsive team willingly listens to our goals and needs with an open mind; it is always a conversation.”

- Jarrod Nachreiner, Operations Manager, Holliday Rock




Why Digital Fleet?



Rapid Development and Feedback

With weekly releases, we focus on making incremental changes that allows for rapid improvements while staying focused on long term.


Collaborate with Customers 

We have an extremely quick response to customer feedback. We listen to customers and collaborate in every step of the process. 


Focus on Industry 

Everyday is an opportunity to improve the product.


Emphasize User Experience 

We put users first in everything we do to create the best experience possible across the board.